What is possibilities for acquiring company to file for New H1B?


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Dear Team,


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I recently ( July 8th 2013 ) joined company A ( has multinational presence ) and my F1 OPT expires on April 30th 2014.
Knowing my situation, company A agreed to file for my new H1B on April 5th. If everything goes well, I can work for same company till Oct 1st 2013 on CAP GAP and from then onwards with H1B visa.


But shockingly, today Company A  announced, it has agreed to be acquired by Company B.
Suppose if I get moved to Company B as part of acquisition, I have below mentioned questions. Please clarify.


  • As part of acquisition, would the company B planned as what do to for the employee like me to stay and work legally in US ?
  • Would they be actually interested in taking FI-OPT employee like me and sponsor for visa ?
  • If at all company B planned to sponsor, what are all the possibilities that USCIS reject my visa approval ?
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