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Sevis record says completed( i know it is set autocomplete)
My first opt got expired on May 16th 2013 and i applied for my extension on March 11th which got rejected on august 30th and i dont know the exact reason for rejection as i am waiting for the denial letter from USCIS. It might be because of my degree as it was conferred on August 19th 2013.I was having an RFE to submit the degree transcript with degree awarded date becaus of my school policies and research work i have i was able to complete all requirements on May 31st 2013 and degree was awarded on in August 2013.
What options do i have. Apply for reinstatement or cross border or move to home country and i have my F-1 visa valid till July 2015. Can i cross the border with new i-20 to mexico or canada
For timely filed i795 stem extension applications they have grace period after opt rejection or after opt expiry date.I have some 60 days grace period may be for departing after opt denial 
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 just get an admission in a new school or get registered with the same school...........


U hav two options..


For both the option ur school DSO has to support you with any of the one


file for reinstatement which will cost you 290$ 


exit and reenter from USA using new initial i20 for a different program like MBA or different level like Phd.....it need not be ur home country .... if u have  an unexpired visa


Please be aware that when you make reentry u r entering as new student and u have to wait for ateat 9 or 1 year to get ur CPT ...U will not get ur OPT if you used first 12 month


Ping me if u have any other questions

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