Please Update: PDs(EB2) current in September & Approved


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Got an email yesterday that the card is in production - yet to receive the actual card in mail...


Direct EB2


1) PD  -- January 2008; 485 applied during 2012

2) Service Center - Nebraska

3) Approved date - Sep 3, 2013

4) RFE Received - NA


Great relief though it's a longggggg wait...


Good luck to others!


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Finally.... :)


PD: 02/11/2008

Category: EB2 direct

Service Center: NSC

Approved date: 09/05/2013

RFE Received: Yes, in June 2012, stating missing medical examination documents though the documents were submitted. The attorneys at my workplace resubmitted the documents along with RFE response.
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PD - 02/08/2008

Service Center - NSC

Category - EB2 India straight, no job change, no RFE ever!

Green Card Approved on - 09/09/2013

Obtained - 09/14/2013


Kept the card under my pillow while sleeping. But now that I think about this, NOTHING CHANGES. I think carrying on with your life, school, career progression, marriage, wife, children are far more important things.

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Anyone posting under this thread - could you please include your Receipt Date as well please? I believe USCIS processes cases based on receipt date once priority date becomes current and would like to get an idea of which receipt date month is USCIS working on currently. Our case is April 2007 PD but RD is March 2012 and case is still in acceptance at NSC. Thanks.

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