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I would like to get a confirmation if I would qualify for EB1 category. Could you kindly confirm.


1) I have overall 9+ years of experience and I have been with Company A from beginning. I have H1B visa and have been to US several times for different assignments from the same Company.


2) I got promoted to Project Manager in 2010 and have worked as Project Manager in India for 1+  year with several reportees under me.


3) I got deputed to US from the same company A (same role of Project Manager). I have teams both in US and in India and I manage the project and both the teams. I also coordinate with different vendors located in different Geo locations. The client is based in US and I work closely with them.


4) I have 4 onsite reportees and several offshore reportees.


Q1) Could you please let me know if I qualify for EB1 category and my Employer can file my GC under EB1 category.


Q2) Is there any minimum number of reportees that I need to have to qualify for EB1?


Thanks a lot!

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Thank you so much for your response! I will definitely get in touch with an immigration attorney after talking to our HR.


Could you kindly also add any details on the below question:


Is there any minimum number of reportees that I should have as two of my onsite reportees (2/4) is going back to India in a while. They will come back again but after few months.  Is there any specific number of onsite/offshore reportees that I should have to qualify for EB1.


Thanks a lot!

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