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Hi Guys,


  I hope everybody is doing good. before i ask for advice I would detail profile.



I am in the end 5th year of H1B and I have a I140 approved from ex employer in EB3 with a priority date of april 2010. For the last 2.5 years i am working with a fortune 500 company and they have started my perm process. PWR, advertisements everything is done and i just got the perm forms to be reviewed and signed for filing.


 by now  you(reader) have a clear understanding of my case. here comes a twist, when lawyer sent me the forms to be reviewed this week. i found it  to my surprise that the job duties does not match with the one i provided to them. the job duties are that of database system administrator instead of a system administrator. it seems to be a mistake at their end and they put the generic duties they had for a database admin.


I dont have time on H1b to go over the PERM process one more time since my company takes more than a year for it. the job title does match and the job duties doesn't seem to be very off since database admin and system admin work very closely.


now you guys have to do a favor and help me decide with this.


 should i go ahead with the existing process?  or should i go back to HR and lawyer saying you guys did it wrong and should be fixed ( the second option would need ammendment to my h1 since it was filed as database admin and reprocess of PERM) ?



one more question on h1B


my h1b is due for renewal in february, would i be able to use my approved I140 from previous employee to get a 3 year extension?


Thanks a lot for giving a read to this. Please share your experience/ knowledge on this.


i deeply appreciate your time.

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