L1 Extension and Driver's license extension in PA


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My L1B, I-94 expires on October 10th 2013, My company is fling L1 - Individual extension by October first week, My driver's license also expires on Oct 10th 2013. When I called the DMV, they said if I have a I-797 I can extend my driver's license. My Wife is pregnant and her due date is Nov, So I need driver's license extension. My questions are ,

1) When will i get my I 797 for my L1 Extension, If my company files extension by Oct first week ?


2) Can I renew my driver's license with the receipt number and employer's letter in Pennsylvania please ?


3) If this is not possible, is it advisable to go for premium processing ?


Please help !

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Mine is same case, but feels you are lucky staying in PA where DMV is allowing DL using I797-C Reciept.


You can get it/ request from your HRD/Law Firm and it will be reached within 7 days of your application recieved at USCIS and add time to send from HRD to your doorstep.


Also, request for a company letter stating you are authorize employee to work and stay etc.


But - ask you are employer to fill in premimum at begining only and earliest so you could recieve reciept early.


** I am in state where I94 is mandate no I797C and company letter not worked.

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