EB2 Eligibility.


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I have 10 yr (Secondary School-SSC) + 3 yr (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering-DME) + 3 (Bachelors in Computer Applications-BCA)  = 16 yrs


I have 13 yrs of IT industry experience and around 2 yrs in Non-IT.


Will I be eligible for EB-2 Category. 


Thanks in advance. 


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That would depend on the job/company, if they find you fit for a job which fall under EB2 category.


You can have a Ph.D but if the job requirement only needs a Bachelors degree, then that job will be filed as EB3 at best.


So with your qualifications try to find a job which suits your education and experience and meet the requirements for EB2 category (you can find more info on EB cateogries on USCIS website or by going through this forum).


Please remember GC is filed for the Job, so it is not you who needs to qualify for an EB category, it is pruely decided by the jobs requirement, and then your employer should find you fit for the job.


Hope this clarifies your question.

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