DUI Conviction in 2007 and second time visa stamping


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Hi every one.


I just want to share my second time VISA stamping Expierence with DUI  to my fellow Murthy forum Readers.Before i went to visa stamping i was just searching for expierences for second time and couldnt find one.I went to Consulate with Ambiguity whether Officer will send me to Panel Physician for second time or straight away give me the visa.


My Back Ground


On H1 from 7 + years


DUI Arrest : dec 2007

DUI Conviction : Jan 2009

1st Time Visa stamping  : Jan 4th  2011(Got visa after 5 weeks of Medical Eval)


2nd Time Visa Stamping : July 26th 2013(Got Visa without Med Eval)


VISA Stamping questions :


VO: Why were you arrested in 2007 ? explain

Me: Explained

VO: Give me Court Docs and he was about to give me 221 g for Medical Eval

Me: I gave him all the courts docs and Medical eval that were done last time.

VO: asked me to wait for some time and he will call me

VO: After 10 min of wait (In the mean time he reviewed my previous med eval that was done in 2011 with someone else ) and called us to the counter and spoke the golden words your visa is approved.


Long Story short for the people who are planning to go second time visa stamping after 3 years of dui conviction can possibly get their visa without Panel Eval.


Thanks for the fellow Murthy Forum Readers.





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Thanks Venkat for sharing your experience which helps other forum memebers - I am listing my case here , see if you can help in any way


Background : Arrested and convicted of a DUI 3 years back.Record has been set aside ( similar to expungement ) however , FBI record exist which states that the case has been set aside and lists all charges.Applied for visa extension while waiting for the trail on the case and got the extension for 3 years ( Not sure if it's because i was innocent until proven guilty or was not selected for random checks ).Have been sober and clean after the incident and now i am coming up for another extension.
Employer does not know about the incident.Can USCIS ask for court documents through RFE ? Since RFE's are handled by the company's immigration i will be in a mix ..
What are my chances of getting an extension ? Is it worth the risk ?
What are the chances i get selected for BG check - Do they perform BG check on all applicants ?
btw i never left the US after the incident so did not have to go through stamping or DS156 arrest questions - Current extension form does not have any arrest question... Thanks for your time and sincerely appreciate any responses ...

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm in a similar condition.


I got arrested for a DUI in Aug 2009 in CA, plead guilty in court in Jan 2010. I went to India (Delhi) for visa stamping in Jan 2012, got it stamped but had to do medical examinations.


I'm going again for visa stamping (Delhi) in May next month, would I've to do medical exams again since it's been more than 3 years? Can you let me know? Thanks.

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