can we contact Chennai consulate for 221 g status?


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Hi All,


I appeared for H1B visa interview on 07/23/2013 and I got 221(g). Its with Chennai Consulate. I have come to India on 2 weeks vacation from my job and stucked in India because of this 221 g. Client at onsite is waiting for me to join back on my duties and responsibilities. I am really having hard time in explaining my situation to them. They sound like they don't care about my immigration issues. I don't know how long they will wait for me.


I contacted US Travel docs (VFS). But they are not able to give any detailed status other than what I see in online.


does any one know whether I can contact Chennai Consulate to track the status? I have been trying to find out the right email id to reach them. I don't see any right email address. I am trying to request them to speed up the process of my 221 g. does any one have any idea? 



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Did VO mentioned anything on 221 G.


What type of 221 G you got ( white, yellow ..... etc )


There is a number ( 202 663 1225 ), This is the US Department of State Visa office. Where we can call to ask for the case status.


I have attended my interview @ Vancouver on 8th Aug, VO gave me 221 G white and Wrote PIMs on it. She said my pims info is not updated.


I don't know what will happen next . Keeping my fingers crossed.


I have read some posts, I got the above number from those posts . 

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Hi Shamanth Reddy & arunvenkate,


Thanks for your replies. I got 221 g blue slip. They made check mark on the box where it says that Administrative processing. The VO told me that they dont need any documents from my side and they are good with the doucments what i submitted to them. They simply told me that they need more time make decision on my case.


I am working on EVC model. I appeared for the H1B visa interview with my family at Chennai consulate on 07/23/2013 at 12 pm. I appeared for bio-metric finger prints on 07/22/2013.

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My client got an inquiry from USCIS or US Consulate or some third party agency about employment verification. My client manager responded to their email and he got call also with few questions about my employment. does any one know how many more weeks it will take to get call from Chennai Consulate since they completed the employment verification with my client?

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Hi Sreedu..


You can read my above posting on this thread that my client manager got call from USCIS regarding my employment verification. I think something is moving on my case. They called my client after 2 weeks. (i.e. in the 3rd week ). I dont know how many more weeks they are going to take for the further process. 


Have you checked with your client whether they got any call about your employment verification?

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Hello everyone,

 I have also attended the VO interview on July 23rd at 8.30. I attended with my family. The VO gave me a pink slip and asked me for few documents which i promptly submitted. Then he said the visa is approved but needs additional processing. There is no communication with my employer so far.


 I have been checking the case status online Things are moving for the dates around july 23rd but my case is still pending as of today.

 I am supposed to travel back next week tuesday. 

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Hi @Kathiravan Tamilvanan,


I suppose to travel back to US and join on my duty on August 3rd 2013. But I am stucked here. My car, apartment and other things in US are left as it is. I think we are all have one and only option is "Just wait to hear from Consulate". We have completed 5 weeks and I dont know how many weeks are going to be taken more by the consulate.

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Yeah, thats the only hope for now. I have been tracking the case status everyday and from what i understand, they are still processing around June20th  date range. You may see a some in July 23rd also but they are probably simple issues they are resolving pretty quickly. In general it looks like a 6 to 8 weeks wait.


I had to reschedule my tickets, sucks !

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Here is the daily status from July 23rd. Seems like every other week they also strip some of the issued cases, so the total goes down.


Date Send PPT Send Information Pending Process Abandoned Issued Total 24-07-2013 22 13 2051 32 112 2230 25-07-2013 22 12 2050 32 120 2236 26-07-2013 21 15 2059 32 51 2178 29-07-2013 22 26 2075 32 51 2206 30-07-2013 22 32 2094 32 57 2237 1/8/13 22 24 2102 32 68 2248 2/8/13 22 22 2100 32 66 2242 5/8/13 22 23 2118 32 66 2261 6/8/13 18 20 2114 32 88 2272 7/8/13 17 18 2120 32 97 2284 8/8/13 18 11 2128 32 44 2233 12/8/13 18 10 2139 32 46 2245 13/8/13 18 8 2131 32 58 2247 14/8/13 22 8 2114 32 76 2252 16/8/13 23 8 2103 32 92 2258 19/8/13 29 10 2035 32 163 2269 20/8/13 36 12 1943 32 254 2277 22/8/13 42 12 1886 32 317 2289 23/8/13 58 14 1803 32 301 2208 26/8/13 65 10 1714 32 392 2213
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