F1 Student visa stamping


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Hello All,


One of my friend stayed in US for the last 5 years. Right now his F1 visa is expired. Right now he is doing 2nd masters  and he is in middle of his course work. Presently he is planning to go to his home country for stamping. Initially he did masters in industrial and manufacturing engg, right now he is doing masters in Information technology. He will be completing his 2nd masters within another 6 months.


Will he been facing any problems during his Student stamping at his home country.




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In worst case, there is possibility of administrative processing which may take several weeks (even 2 months plus in worst case) and this cannot be expedited or waived. Those in TAL list are highly likely to get this. So, plan accordingly and apply as early as possible if you want. Avoid travel in middle of study if you can. IT is most likely in TAL list.


Long stay in US already: means possible intent of immigration.


In best case, there may be no problem since his student record is active.

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