E3d visa to H1b


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I am on e3 visa working in US and my wife is on E3d, to get GC can I apply H1b for my wife while I am on e3, Will this effect my e3 renewal.

Your wife can be on whatever status she wants. However, not sure if her GC app will have any bearing on your ability to renew your e3, especially if you are included in the GC petition as a beneficiary.

I know many people who got their GC on e3 status itself although some attorneys, including those at murthy, will not do it on e3 and ask you to change to H1. This is a grey area so technically they can't deny your e3 renewal, especially if you extend it with uscis. There is not much info out there for e3, so even attorneys may not be able to advise properly although you should still consult one.

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