H4 visa needs to be revoked - please help


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I am on H1B and my husband came to US 2 yrs back on H4 visa after the marriage. Soon after coming he started harassing and torturing me. He revealed his original nature and i realized that I have been cheated and he married me only for coming to US. Since then he has been working for cash jobs and sending all his earnings to his family in India and neglected me. I was tied up to social stigma of marriage and struggled all these years. But few months back I lost hope and went to india and filed divorce. I have been living separately since about 9 months. Is there anyway that his H4 visa can be revoked  even before the divorce case finalize so that he cannot live in US anymore as he might try to harm me or can i restrict him from changing his via status. Please advice. Thanks in advance.

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Thankyou. But I don't want to get into Police records because  I am worried if in future during my Green Card process they gonna check my Police records, then I don't want to get into trouble. I hope you understand. Please advice me. Your suggestions are appreciated.



Desi people are afraid to approach the Cops. They are not the same as our Desi cops. You WILL NOT be in any kind of trouble or even in your GC process as you are not the one to get arrested.


And it seems like you are more interested in your Green Card than getting justice. Nice.

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