H1b stamping - Vancouver Experience - Aug 1, 2013 - 30min interview


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Dear All,

I attended visa stamping interview on Aug 1, 2013.

As far as I know my interview lasted 30min. and 3-4 guys cleared their interview on other windows, while my interview was still going on. 30min is not a big deal, as the Visa Officer was taking enough time to validate everything and asking all the questions, related to education, employment and documentation.

Here is how it goes from start:

1. Booked dates back in 2012 but could not go due to issues in project and canceled dated.

2. Changed employment in Feb 2013 and again client in Jun 2013. 

3. Booked slot for Vancouver and applied for canada visitor visa online and sent my visa for stamping and received canada visitor visa.

4. Started preparing all the documentation as per "Complete visa checklist" provided on visa forum and started to go through my entire file. Did this exercise around 15-20times to ensure completion of all details, documents and understand my file in detail and made 3 copies of each document and prepared 3 files, in case one file gets damaged and leaves me high and dry.

5. Traveled to Canada and Stayed in downtown hotel for $80/- per night and updated my resume and got printout of my latest paystubs etc etc. Added everything to all 3 files.

6. Reached to Embassy, got called in, security procedures, finger printing etc etc. then reached the designated floor for Visa Officer Interview. My number was called onto Counter 5 and I went to that. Now thats when interview starts:

VO: Called by name..

ME: Yes, Good Morning Officer.

VO: Good Morning. What visa are you here for?

ME: I am here for H1B visa.

VO: Ok. Please give me your passport and I-797 and LCA. Its going to take a while. Please take a seat. I took a seat at desk around 2 feet back. She checked and worked on computer for 3-5 minutes.

VO: Please come to windows and bring your documents with you.  (I went to window).

VO: Are you working for company or working for client?

ME: End client.

VO: Who is your employer. -- told her.

VO: How long have you been working with this company -- from this date.

VO: Which company you worked for before that -- told her.

VO: Which school did you graduate from -- told her.

VO: When did you came to US - told her.

VO: You came to US through company X, worked for 1 year, changed company 2, worked for 2 years, then changed to company 3. What are reasons, that you have been changed every so often. (Answered it in reasonable manner and she was still unclear, so gave her the reasons and she was still unconvinced.)

VO: Show me your degree. Showed her degree and education evaluation certificated with verified seal on it. She returned those and  kept them on counter on left side, in pile of papers that I have already presented to her. Right side was my pile of documents, 25Pounds heavy, with everything from Birth certificated to latest pay stubs so on and so forth.

VO: Please write on piece of papers dates that you graduated and companies you worked for, came to USA, worked for which companies and dates for each employment. (Wrote them on piece pf paper).

VO: Can I see your degree again -- showed her.

VO: Please show me your petition for each employer that you worked for. -- handed her the petitions.

VO: Please show me LCAs as well. -- gave her the LCA. -- she typed it all on computer.

VO: Please give me your last 2 years of paystubs -- handed her paystubs for 2 years. 

VO: Please give me W2s for each year you worked in USA -- gave her all W2's. -- She checked it all in details. Calculated something on paper and looked at LCA to match amount etc. She was convinced. She returned all papers and I placed it on left.

VO: Now, about your ex employer, why did you leave -- I gave her the reason.

VO: Now, where did you join and why did you change -- gave her reason.

VO: Why there are so many candidates in this region, who join -- gave her reason. She was impressed by fact.

VO: Why did you change client, just after xyz duration -- clarified it all.

VO: Ok, I would like to determine control etc for this employer since you have been working for. -- gave her everything I had, client letter, vendor letter, employment letter. etc etc. She looked at them and returned those.

VO: Tell me what you do for this client -- gave her standard answer.

VO: Ok, I know all that. Please tell me by example all you do -- gave her information in broad detail, leaving out client confidential details and elaborated on flow etc.

VO: Ok. -- she started looking for something on her desk. She took out t papers.

VO: I understand that lots of employers dont follow rules and you should be aware of your rights and this is booklet that explains it all. Please ensure that you are aware of all these rights. -- I took that and tried to read it.

VO: You can keep it with you. -- She took out white printed sheet in her hand and underlined something..

VO: We are done here. Processing will take 3-5 business days and you can check status using this information.

ME: Thank you Officer. Just want to make sure if there would be any delay related to PMS verification.

VO: No, PMS went though and there should not be any delay. If there is any delay, please follow instructions given on this sheet. -- she passed on the sheet to me, alongwith rest of papers.

I looked at pile of papers on counter and she saw it too. she smiled. I said "am sorry officer, its going to take a while". she said -- no problem. So I placed everything all in files and placed my files in bag.

Just came out of building and had a coffee.

Went to hotel and went for outing around downtown. 

Went to Loomis on Friday and passport was not there. Sat, Sun and Monday were holiday as it was long weekend.

So, picked my passport on Tuesday and took overnight flight and came back.

all in all, it was good experience.


Best of Luck to everyone.


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Congratulations on your Visa. For the questions like "Why did u change the employers so often"  what answer did you give?

Did you submit your w2s during your work in OPT also?

What was your major in bachelors/masters?


Thanks in Advance!


Here are my answers to your questions:

"Why did u change the employers so often":- Well, employer change is not often Maa'm. I worked for first company for 4 years, then came to US and worked for XYZ for 1 year and changed to ABC as ABC was a bigger organization and job was aligned to my expectations. Then I worked for ABC for 2 years and 4 months and changed as I wanted to move to more responsible positions and focus on my technical profile rather than focus on team management and reviews etc. So here I am quite satisfied that I made changes as required for betterment of my career and life and my happiness. <She was looking quietly in my eyes and decided not to further cross question  on this answer>.

OPT W2's : Yes, all W2's are required from the day you landed here and earned anything. They want to determine 2 things, if you earned anything during your student visa that might make you ineligible for F1 itself as F1 has some work related condition that you are here to study and not work.... and can work only 20Hr or so in a week or so. Then they check your W2's for duration of your H1 to determine if you were paid at all times and if your Annual wages are above LCA amount. More than that, nothing to see in W2's. But yes, she will go back and forth on her calculations and cross check everything to the last dollar and cent.

My education is Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Comm Engineering but that does not affect your stamping to great degree. She did ask how m degree is associated to this job. Then I had to wisely answer that there are subjects in BE like C++, Java, Operating systems etc that are relevent to this job and I got my first job due to this degree and had multiple training after that etc etc. This was a trivia question and does not really affect much unless you have degree in unrelated fields.

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