Importance of bank balance in F1 COS


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I applied for my wife's H4 to F1 change of status for an undergraduate degree of information systems degree in a county college.


Since there was a very short time left for next term to begin, we didn't get enough time to build sufficient bank balance or liquid cash as saving.


My last four checking bank statement shows $670, $3200, $3500, $2900 closing bank balance. I also attached savings bank balance letter from my savings bank account ($4600).


I-20 shows commitment from my end as $20000 USD per year (per year fees per I-20 is $17000).


The package was prepared in a way that it shows closing balance of $670 as first statement (doesn't create good first impression), then previous three month's bank statements and finally, my savings a/c letter.


My questions are:


1) In your experience, what are the chances I may get denial or RFE?

2) In case of denial, can I appeal showing her father's letter and his bank balance as an additional sponsors and finally my credit cards limits available at my disposals?


Thank you,


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Well...I was a newbee for this process and did what college told me. They informed that you balance that you're showing should be sufficient. Papers are already submitted because I didn't realize about balance need until someone told me after submitting papers.


I will keep my in-laws financial support documents ready. It will be handy if I get queries or denial.

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