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I have a valid H1-B since 2001 and have a EAD/AP combo with I-485 pending. I have not availed the EAD and have maintained my H1B. My current H1-B goes until 2016 although is not stamped on my passport. Here are the things I would like to accomplish. I am also in the middle of changing jobs and the new employer will sponsor a H1-B.


1) Travel to India between Aug and september

2) Quit my job and change employers once I am back.


I would ideally not like to get H1-B stamped and use my AP to comeback. I see the following options. Can someone suggest the pros and cons of the follwing


Option 1 : Get my H1-B stamped, the risk being since my employer knows I am changing jobs they are not supportive of this

Option 2: Use my AP to travel in and out. However I am not sure if my new employer can then sponsor a H1-B

Option3 : Use my AP and start using an EAD with my new employer.


Other context: My wife is also employed on a H1-B and pending -485


Suggestions and or other options please

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I am in a somewhat similar situation. I was with Employer "X" till July 2013. "X" was also my GC sponsoring company. While I was with "X", I travelled in and out of US on AP, a couple of times (without issues).

In July 2013, I switched to employer "Y" and successfully transfered my H1B.

Now I am planning to travel in Nov 2013 for my wedding. I have a couple of questions:


1) Do I still need to go for H1B stamping? Or can I return using AP and countinue to work for "Y" on H1B?

2) If I went for stamping and lets say I get stuck or denied, can I then come back on AP?


Needless to say, I need to maintain my H1B employment status for my wife to be here legally on H4.


Please advise. Thanks!!!

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