F2 Visa Status while on OPT


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I am on F1 visa and currently on my OPT (New York). My visa is going to expire this dec, 2013, but will have my OPT and extension. My wife is with me here on F2 visa since Jan 2013.


My questions are:


1. As my visa is going to expire in dec 2013, will it effect my wife's F2 visa status (even if I have my OPT) ?

2. I am planning to apply for H1 next year, so what will be right steps to get H4 for my wife while she is here with me?




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Yup, You're right .. I am kind of confused between these.


So on my wife I-94... it doesn't say any date to stay ...D/S ... does it mean she can stay as long as I have F1 status ? and does OPT keeps my status as F1 ?



Thanks for your reply.

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I am also same situation like you. Your wife status depends on your opt status and all even if your wife and your visa expires also no problem

As long as your valid status through F1 that would be find, But if you go outside of the USA and you need to go for stamping so make sure if you have any plans for travel and all......

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