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Hello friends ,


Wanted to share some information regarding filing DS160 for photo and finger printing wrt Hyderabad OFC center.


This is striclty for people who are not having any surname in passports :

While filling the DS160 form you have to fill the given name as surname and FNU as given name.


Example : 

If in passport your name is like  : 

Surname - <Empty>

Given name - rajesh prasad


Then while filling the DS 160 form you have to enter :

Surname - rajesh prasad

Given name - FNU


when i first went to Hyderabad OFC center they asked to fill out the complete form again as per the details above and gave me an hour to do so. Just dont want others to face the same problem.


I was not asked for any photos as well.


Note : Just want to reiterate, i faced this problem @ Hyderabad OFC center, not sure how its been done at other OFC centers.

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