Advice needed, whether to apply for a Student Visa or Visit Visa??

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Hi All,

I need advice since I will be traveling to United States for my Marriage, and I also have an Admission for PhD.
I am confused now, as to what I should apply for, my marriage is fixed in January 2014, and all the arrangements have been made.
Whether I should apply for a Student Visa or a Visit Visa??

I have already completed my Masters in US 3.5 years back, and I am living outside US since 2 years.
I have my Social, and Bank Accounts as well in US.
My spouse is a US Citizen, and we are planning to get married in January next year.

Looking forward for your Advice.

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I do agree that a student visa is the way to go. While it is no doubt true that Marriage to an USC offers great protection getting married in January after entering in January on a F1 visa would mandate that any GC filing be carefully thought out and delayed. Discuss the situation with a Lawyer before filing for the GC after Marriage.

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You are complicating your own life. Talk to a Lawyer about getting a fiancé visa and if necessary postpone the start date for your Doctorate.

@Pontevecchio, thanks for yourt valuable comments, so what do you think would be the best visa choice in my case??

1. Student Visa, and then get married in Januray, and apply for immigration after a year

2. K-1 Visa?

3. Multiple Visa for 10 years, and then get married in January, and then come back later on after a year to file for Immigration??

Looking forward to hear from you.

Please note, I dont have any of the above Visas as of now.

Looking forward for your feedback.

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