Eligibility for EB3 - 10 +2 + 3 years Diploma + 10 years of Experience

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Hi Murthy Law Firm experts & Readers,

Here's my Case History,

Education : I have done 10 + 2 & 3 years of Diploma in Elec & Comm Engg. 

Current Work Experience :  9 years in IT (Network Consultant) with the same company. Spent 6 years in INDIA & now 3 years in US.

Last year I applied for H1B but my application was withdrawn since as per the Evaluation, 3years of Diploma is only equivalent of 1 Year of University degree. So my total count was 10+2 +1 (accounted for 3 years of Diploma) = 13 & since I had 8 years of experience I can add two more years in my education since every 3 years of exp accounts of 1 year of university study.

So the total count came to be 10+2+1+2=15 years .

Next year I'll be good for the my H1 B application with 10+2+1+3= 16 years

--> So my question is will I be eligible for a green card application as well if my employer wants to initiate my GC processing under EB3 category with skilled or professional section ?

--> Will my experience of 10 years (by the time next years H1 will come) + my education of 10+2+1 , be enough to get applied for EB3 ?

I came to know that education & experience can't be substituted for GC as in H1B.

--> If not, I am planning to get enrolled in the distant learning program in INDIA to get a 3 year BSc (IT) from a recognised. Once completed will that be recognized under my education qualification ?


Please share your thoughts with you experience on this matter. I am willing to talk to an attorney from Murthy Law firm for a consultation on this matter.



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