Card Production Order - Belle/Experts please help!


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Hello Experts.


   Today, I got an email from USCIS that Card Production Was Ordered for my pending I-485 case. I was EB3 - Nov 2004, changeability India. I am working on H-1B.


In Nov 2012, I ported to EB2 and I had filed 485 in July 2007 when all dates were current in EB3. I got married in Feb 2008 and my attorney sent my wife's 485, 765 and 131 along with her other documents to USCIS on July 31, 2013 (because my PD became current on Aug 01, 2013). We have still not recvd her receipt number.


My wife is in the US on H-1B which expires in Jan 2014. Here is my question - 


What happens to my wife? I am assuming she will be covered under FOLLOW-TO-JOIN provision since probably my 485 is approved. I am still not sure if the Card Production Email that I got was for an approved 485 or finger printing. My last finger printing was done in April 2011 & even then, USCIS had set the case status to Card Production Order. 


Please let me know what to do if indeed my case is approved and we haven't yet recvd receipt notice for my wife.





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