H1B approved in Ottawa 6th August


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I got my H1B approved from US embassy Ottawa on 6th August. Pretty straight forward interview.


My profile:


1) bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from US University

2) I was a transfer student. Finished 2 years in Home country and 2 more years here in US

3) Bangladeshi Origin

4) Working as a full time employee for a politically influential company in USA with 70,000 employee worldwide

5) I am a Muslim and Bangladesh is I guess falls under 'T' countries

6) My last name is a common muslim name

7) working for 2 years in USA


Interview questions:


VO: So you work for XXX company?

Me: Yes I do

VO: So what do you do?

Me: Mechanical Engineer. I do blah blah blah (keep it short under 2 sentence)

VO: so you went to YYY university in ZZZ city?

Me: Yes I did

VO: I went to that city just once, its beautiful

Me: Oh my god, that place is a heaven. Most beautiful place I have ever Been

VO: yeah I did skiing there on ABC resort, it was awesome

Me: yeah that's an awesome spot

VO: Ok your visa is approved. he gave me instruction how to pick up passport in 2-3 business days.


Hope this helps.

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