Urgent : Filing a new petition using old approved petition VS current approved petition


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I have worked for two companies A and B. Now resigned from both the companies A and B.


Company A filed an H1B petition in 2007 and got approved. The petition valid between Oct 2007 to Sep 2009. I stamped H1B Visa and traveled to US and worked there for only 6 months(July 2007 to Dec 2007) and came to India and resigned in Company A.


Joined Company B and they filed a new  H1B petition using my previous H1B petition approved copy. The petition approved in July 2012. The petition valid till Sep 2013. I didn't went for stamping using this approved petition. Now i have left from the company B.


Now i have planned to file a new petition from company C using the previous approved H1B petition.


My Question is :


  a) Can i file a new petition using 2007 approved petition valid till Sep 2009 under cap exemption.?


  b) Can I file a new petition using current 2012 approved petition valid till Sep 2013 under cap exemption?


 c) which one was the best option to file a new petition?.

     Any difference was there?..

    Charges vary between them ?. Since one of company D was telling that he is ready to file only if i give the current 2012 approved copy only.

I don't have the 2012 petition approved copy with me now. I just know only the VAT number or receipt number of the approved copy.


Please explain me my current situation which one best suites for me.


Thank you in Advance.






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