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I joined school in H4 as a graduate student in Spring 2013. It was likely that I would get funding from school from fall 2013. Hence, I applied for COS from H4 to F1 in April 2013. When my case was pending with USCIS my husband switched to new job. We consulted the attorney in his office who advised not to file new H4 for me along with his H1B transfer since already COS to F1 is pending under my name. My F1 got approved on June 28 2013. When I received the I 797 A I realised that my F1 is valid only from 12/17/2013. I also found that my I-20 issued from college had a start date of 1/16/2014. I understood my approval had wrong start date because of wrong start date in I-20. 


I immediately approached school where they issued me new I-20 with start date 8/28/2013. They said that they also updated the dates in SEVIS database and that I am good to go. When I went to Social security administration office to apply for SSN. After entering my details in the system they said that they could not verify my immigration status. They asked me to approach school regarding it.


My school DSO said they can't do anything from their side and I had to contact USCIS regarding it. When I went to local USCIS office they are saying I need to approach college and not USCIS. I am now hanging in between. The USCIS customer service has new answers every time I call them. I am not sure if my H4 is still valid also since my husband's previous employer had cancelled his H1B. Please suugest me what needs to be done to resolve this issue?

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