Status if application for F1 visa is rejected?


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I got my COS from F2 to F1 a few months ago. Since then I have enrolled in school and am maintaining F1 status. Now, I am planning to visit home for vacation and as such will have to appear for F1 stamping. If, for some reason, my F1 application is rejected by the VO will I still be able to enter the US on my prior F2 visa?


Thanks in advance.

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That depends on whether the F2 Visa also gets canceled during the interview. One cannot predict what the consular officer will do. Moreover your spouse must be maintaining F1 status in order for you to use the F2 Visa.


For successful F1 Visa application, you should prepare evidence of strong ties to home country. Being admitted to a reputed university also helps.

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Thanks for your replies. Usually at the port of the entry, a student on F visa should show his/her I-20 to the immigration officer. When you say I can enter US on the old F2 visa (assuming that it is not cancelled and my spouse still maintains F1 visa) what I-20 should I be carrying with me? Will I have to request a new dependent I-20 from my spouses's school?

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I met with my school DSO today. She said that once the COS is approved my old dependent I-20 is invalid. So, if I were to re-enter US on F2 I need to get a new dependent I-20. She also said that the SEVIS number on the new dependent I-20 will not be the same as the one on old dependent I-20. So, the sevis on the old F2 visa and the new dependent I-20 will be different and this could pose a risk at the port-of-entry. She suggested that I go for a new F2 visa interview using the new dependent I-20 in case my F1 is rejected (in spite of my old F2 being valid and my spouse maintaining status).


I feel that all of this is convoluted. Can anyone share their views/experiences on this?

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