DUI & Hit n Run


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Hi Folks,


This is not the situation that I wish to be in. After working long hours for few weeks, we successfully completed a project. I should not have drunk that evening, and with all tiredness I drove home. I am not sure what happnd,, but I felt jolt after few seconds(might be like 4 to5 seconds) doze while driving. I kept on driving thinking I hit a divider that is in the middle of the road ( and I was driving next to it) and didnt see a car before me at all. If I did, I would have definetly stopped :(.


Long story short, I got arrested and I was finger printed and they told I hit a car and not a divider. Personally, I was strict and against DUI. My tiredness from long hours of working with just few drinks made me pass out.


My case is still in court after 5 months and not yet done ..since I don't think I hit anyone. I am not sure what the outcome will be also. But I am currently applying for my 3 year visa extension since my I-140 is approved.


There is a question that asked "were you arrested?". Should I say "Yes" or "No"? Techinically I am innocent until the case is finalized. I strictly don't want to lie and don't want anymore trouble from Law. Can someone tell what I should answer? And will my H1B extension be denied because of the accusations even though I am not indicted ?


Note: I gave up drinking for life. This I mean to take it seriously.


Please advise :(?

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You were certainly arrested and the answer is Yes. get a Good and that implies Costly DUI Lawyer to go over the facts and give you appropriate guidance and have your Immigration Lawyer interact  with your DUI Lawyer to mitigate the impact in terms of what is acceptable in terms of a plea or what is not.. This is specially true if the arrest was much later.

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