I797B petition with 1 year validity


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Hi Team,


My H1B  was stamped on May'13  will expires on 26th December 2013. I have not travelled US till now.

When I checked with my immigration Team they said that i cannot travel after 26th Sep'13, Is that true.


My I797 is valid for on;y one year from 26th Dec'12 - 26th Dec'13. Is my petetion valid for Visa extension.


I heard as per petetion validity it will epires and after that i cannot extend my visa for renewal.


What is the possibility to make my VISA valid and extensable. Please suggest.

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were you on L1 or H1 before or is this your first H1B? If its the latter then your Immigration team is lying. You are subjected to another 5 yr extension.



This is my First H1B stamping and i have not travelled yet. You mean to say my petetion is valid for next 6 years for extension??

and i can travel even after sep 26th right?? is it good to travel just one month before visa expiry?? does i face issues@ port of entry..

Also if i change my petetioner now and can i travel by DEC'13

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