H1B - Role Change Concerns


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My employer B filed my petition for 2013-14 and got approved today.

I am expecting a role change from Technical Lead to Project Manager by end of this year in this company.

I believe if my role is changed then i will have to undergo ammendment process which takes 4 to 6 months time.


Here are my questions

1. Can i get my Visa stamped as Technical Lead and travel to the US and then get the role change in the US ? what are the implications and what needs to be done in the US ? (New LCA ? or New Assignment request ?)

2. Can i get a role change in India and then apply for ammendment with premium processing if at all it exists ?


What is the best option considering this situation ?


Something to know other than above

My H1B extension visa was rejected 3 years back when i was working for Company A. I dont know the exact reasons.

Company A had filed "motion to reconsider", however when contacted , i learnt that my visa application with company A has been cancelled.

Will this past have any kind of impact with my above queries to enter US ?



US - Aspirant

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You can get the visa stamped based on the current approval since you are coming here as a Technical lead. Any significant change later on mandates a new LCA and H1 petition before the change. PP will do it in about 3 weeks. Is it standard practice among Indian companies to let the employee decide about things they should be doing?

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Thanks pontevecchio for the response ...

Well, if that were the case with the indian companies, then all indian employers would ask for whatever they want. :)

I was refering to role change and in our company, it happens depending upon the slots that each delivery unit gets.


Can you please elaborate on what do you mean by "Any Significant Change".

What would be the processing time if its without PP ?

Does ammendment process comes in to picture at all ?

Am i at a risk if i take the role change and then travel to US on the new role ?


Thanks in advance

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