H1-b approved on July 29th waiting for Passport @ Toronto


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I had my visa appointment on July 26th in Toronto. The counselor clearly said that my Visa has been approved, took my passport and I -797 and said it might take 3-5 business days to get my passport.

And now if I check on the US state website,  it says administrative processing...
How long does it usually take? Does it mean that I will be stuck in Toronto for weeks? I'm on tourism visa in Canada now.  I don't even knwo how long I can be there for.
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Thanks. I have been checking both USvisa-info.com (for the waybill number) and Loomis website (using reference number) every 2-3 hrs. I just wanted to see if there is anybody else in similar situation currently in Toronto.


If I don't receive any update latest by 9 tomorrow, I guess I will have to reschedule my flight from tomorrow to Friday.

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