H4->H1 first time H1B visa stamping


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Hi All,


I'm working as software engineer  in India Company from mumbai and came to US on H4 Visa in 2009.  When i inititaly came to US i have applied unpaid vacation (LOP) for 3months after that i have spoke with my employer and worked remotely for India position on India payrolls in H4 status from US. My employer(same employer ) applied H1B visa for me in 2010 Quota and got approval in 2011 April and started working on H1.



Now I'm planning to go for stamping, what would would be expected questions based on my situation and how can i support my work on H4 status ?



In DS-160 i have mentioned my employment as below



worked XX India Jan 2008 to 2011 March ( i have started working with this company before I come to US and I told in my H4 visa Interview that i'm going on long term leave - 3months approx but later changed my mind and continue to work remotely for india position from US on H4 Visa)


Working XX US April 2011 to till date  but technically both companies are same but two different branches one in india and one in US.

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