Visa approved on July 29 - Vancouver


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First of all, i would like to thank every one who shared there experiences on Murthy forum.


My visa interview is at 10:00 am 


- security guy allowed me at 9:45 am , just 15 mins before the interview

-After security check they gave me a token number and told me to wait , they called my number and took finger prints at counter 1

-Then security person took us to 20th floor where actual visa interview process is going on.


- My number called , attended visa interview at counter 3 . 


1) show me your LCA ?

2) who is your employer ?

3) Who is your end client? 

4) Which univ you are graduated from?


6) are you single?

7) with whom you are living with ?

8) can i see your paystubs ?


that's it , he approved my visa and said i will be receiving in 2-3 business days.And provided me with the link where i can check my status . Currently am waiting for the update.  :)


Thank you .




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cool...i have my interview on a monday....i hope everything goes well and i will get my passport back wednesday..

Thank you all  ,



i recevied my passport  on wed july 31 , i collected around 9:00am and book my flight on the same day. It was quick actually. Now am back home :) . I had a good and safe trip.

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