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Hello, I am planning to apply CANADA VISITOR VISA online and I haven't booked my tickets and H1B Interview slot yet but I am planning to get Canada Visitor Visa ahead of time.


Online application is not allowing me to proceed further until I upload all the documents they are asking, so I am wondering can I apply for Canada Visitor Visa with out reserving H1B interview slot and tickets, if so what kind of alternative documents I need to upload for below?


1. Itinerary, Travel

2. Invitation Letter


Other than these two I have uploaded all documents.


Appreciate your help!

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 Itinerary, Travel -- I took a screenshot of flight details from hotwire and attached it as pdf.


Invitation Letter -- write a simple letter with why you are going to Canada and duration of your visit.

what if if some body didn't book the tickets. And not sure about travel plan.

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I got my Canada visitor visa last Nov and went to Canada in Jan-13. I put tentative travel date to Canada (within 15 to 30 days of submitting visitor visa application), however I could not get the H-1B slot in Nov or Dec, so I went to Canada in Jan. No issues whatsoever...


Letter of invitation - for H1B stamping would be - the interview confirmation letter (at least that's what I submitted). Definitely, it's not self invitation letter. Or you could get invitation letter from any friend or relative in Canada staying near the US Consulate where you plan to attend H-1B interview...

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