Can employer amend my existing LCA so that I can work remotely


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My employer had filled transfer on my H1B on May 09 2013.Its almost 3 months My case is still under Initial review.......

I am newly married and I stay in MI my  Husband stays in CA.So after requesting my employer for working remotely he has accepted on May 15th by that time my LCA and Petition was filled on 9th May 2013 as per Michigan LCA.

So my employer said we should wait for the H1B transfer approval and then change the LCA to CA and then I will be eligible to work from CA.



Can any one tell how long will the transfer General processing  take?


Is there a way that they can amend my existing LCA with CA,So that I need not wait for my H1B approval and work from CA remotely after filing amended labor......



Please help me out with all  the possibilities. Thank you in advance  





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First off, congrats on the marriage! On working remote, there are a lot of challenges while you are h1. I would recommend sitting down with an attorney first before jumping into it. There could be potentially a lot of issues with it, as uscis do perform work site visits etc to verify that you are actually working in the company's offices etc. it might be easier for you to actually find a new employer in CA and move over.

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