How to find the field I-140 Status


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Hi Friends/ Experts


Here is the situation.


I was working for a company and they filed my PERM. Before the perm got approved I joined a different company.After joining the new company the Labor with old company got approved and my old employer said he will continue the process and asked me to send the documents for file for I-140. I signed the from 9089 and sent all the necessary documents and the attorney filed my I-140

After this the company went into some bad situation and merged with another company. I don't know the status of the I-140 filed by my old employer.

I want to know If the I-140 got approved so the I can use the 2010 Priority date in EB2 . I have the approved labor copy with the ETA number starting with A- and a number on the from 9089 starting with T- . Can we able to find the I-140 status with the above information.


If the I -140 was approved and I could use the Priority date of Aug 2010 and that means a lot in the current situation.


Any guidance or help in this regard is highly appreciated.




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