Completing 5 years on L1B in 2 weeks. L1A (conversion) response still pending from USCIS.


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I have applied for L1B to L1A conversion visa and received rfe. I have submitted rfe response (on 5th June) and decision is pending from last 7 weeks. I am completing my 5 years on L1B in 2 weeks.


So, if I don't get response from USCIS within 2 weeks then can I stay in USA and wait for USCIS response or I have to move out of country.


-My company is planning to upgrade my L1A visa processing to premium.
-If I overstay on L1B and wait for L1A response without being on payroll then will it be Ok.
-Also, is over staying will be have any impact on future visas and travel.

Please advice.


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