Boy is indian citizen and hindu, married in india, now in US on H1B visa, wife never came to USA want help on divorce

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I am H1B Visa holder, I had arranged marriage and after marriage I came to know that my wife got married because of her parents pressure. When she appear for H4 Visa she got 221G Query, though she was carrying all required documents which consulate mention in 221G form. I found out that she is not serious and interested in this marriage. After investigating I found that she had affair before marriage, which she continued after marriage also when I come back to USA to resume my job. I had evidence of her affairs and now i want to apply for divorce. Is it possible for me to get Divorce here without going back to India.

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what has hindu got to do with this?

indian marriage law is religion specific..


op, you can have your family initiate the divorce proceedings...but it is in your best interest for you to attend the final proceedings..otherwise u are giving her a chance to file a case against you using some new women protection law in india..can't recall the name of the law..

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