AC 21??. I140 approved (but date will not current for some time)


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I have i140 approved from last employer . I took new job after around 1 year of my 1i40 approval.

I am looking to file a new GC application with my new employer and also use my old priority date.

The thing worrying that I am not very clear when to file for AC21 ? only when my new employer will start the GC(perm application) or before it ??

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To qualify for AC21, you must meet the following:

1) be the beneficiary of a valid and approved I-140 petition

2) have an I-485 Application pending for at least 180 days and

3) have a permanent job offer in the same or similar occupational classification as the original PERM job.

If you have not yet been able to file your I-485, you are not eligible for green card AC21 portability.

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