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I need advise on the next carrier goal , I have 13 + years of IT experience and already in to Management role , my basic qualification is India 3 year DIploma in ECE and I have completed two years course from GNIIT . I have applied for MBA in WGU university ( , but they asked me to complete graduation before Master ,so I did my education evaluation form FIS( , My result from FIS indicates that I have completed technical college in USA plus one year of college experience (30 credits) , they haven't considered my GNIIT just mentioned a professional course . Based on my evaluation, though WGU  site says experience is considered but they are not which is false statement , These evaluation are sent directly to the college and  WGU didn't provide any credits towards bachelor's , they just considered my PMI and other technical certification ,but  nothing on my India education .


I am totally stuck and confused , Even I have prepared my Mind to enroll for Bachelors instead of bachelors , with zero credit transfer , I am not sure whether its worth doing this online Bachelors here ? with the same experience I am eligible to  do EMBA in INDIA from KSOU(Karnataka State open UNV.)


Bottom line for all this struggle is to get my GC moving as I am already on L1A , not sure whether it will help in anyway .


I really appreciate your feedback and help .


Thank you



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Your experience is not even in the area in which you claim a diploma. Your academic record seems weak. They are not required to grant you credit for experience; they have that option open and decided that you do not qualify. Experience for work frequently involves a great deal of other training in the position which you do not have.  13 years of low level programming experience is not worth a whole lot. You have their decision. If you do not like it, try another institution - preferably not an online one.


No one is guaranteed a GC - even with an MBA.  In fact, there are so many unemployed MBAs with US undergraduate degrees that if you have to go through PERM, it is unlikely a petition on your behalf could go forward..

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