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I am currently on L1B Blanket Visa which is valid till Dec 2013. I applied for H1B COS which is approved and starts Oct 1st  2013. My current Employer has a two months notice period. If I need to start working with my New Employer on Oct 1st I should ideally resign Aug 1st. If during the two months notice period my employer forces me to travel back to my home country, can I resign immediately before Oct 1st and still stay in the US as I have a valid I94 which is valid till Oct 2015 or I will go out of status.

If not what are my options to stay here. I also have a 10 year B1/B2 Visa. Can I change my status to B1 Immediately and then start on H1 in Oct. Will this require to file a COS again to H1?



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