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My current H1B expires on Oct, 2nd 2013 and my H1B extension is currently under process, assuming it gets approved, it will be extended till Aug, 7th 2014 (end of 6th year). My PERM will be filed on Aug 20th 2013, currently I am in the wait period after posting Ads. My questions are:


1. My PERM just falls out of the 365 days by 13 days and assuming there will be no audits, then tentatively when can i expect it to be approved?


2. Will I be able to file for H1B extension beyond 6th yr with an approved labor? or I-140 also needs to be approved before end of 6th year ?


3. Tentative processing times for I-140 in normal and PP?


4. When can i travel out of US:

       3.a. After my current H1B extension approval?

       3.b. Does PERM approval matter?

       3.c. Does I-140 approval matter?


5. If I intend to marry to a person outside US who will need H4 dependent visa, then does the PERM or I-140 applications or approvals impact in any way?


Appreciate your help!

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