Moved to new Employer on EAD, old employer H1B revoked


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Hello geeks,


I recently moved from employer X to Y,  X is my GC sponcered employer and Y is new employer and I gotthe same job profile and exactly similar duties but as sson as joined with Y  employer X revoked my H1B.


I have EAD and 485 is being pending form more than an year. I am planning to file AC21 aswell in soon. 


My question was since i am out of H1B status  and this H1B revoke wll have any effect on my future renewal of EAD or 485?


Thanks in advance.

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I follow our posts closely.THC for the help you do for the immigration community. I had a similar situation as the OP.

PD:Apr 2008 might get current hopefully soon

I485 filed by employer A pending for >18 nmonthsLeft employer A joined employer B on EAD

Employer A will not revoke I140 but has cancelled my H1b ( received revoke notice from USCIS on jun 3 2013).

I have not filed AC 21 after joining B.

What are chances that I get RFE considering H1 b cancelled.

Is it better to wait for rfe now or proactive file AC21 .Is there a chance for I 485 to be approved without RFE

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Depends on what makes it to your case first - your AC21 request or H1 cancellation. The USCIS takes time to look at AC21 requests. It's also entirely possible to have I-485 approval without an RFE, however, I believe, in that case having filed an AC21 request helps make your case more solid.

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My Hi B has been reviked and uscis sent me a revoke notice on June 3 2013 . With this said do you think my file has been updated with the H1 B revoking.


H1B revoke at california center

my 485 pending at nebraska

No. I-485 and H1 are different cases. The information is likely - eventually - converge, but nobody knows when it happens.

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