Successful Visa Stamping on Jul 24th @Ottawa, Canada


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Model: EC


VO questions during my Visa interview on Jul-24 at 9:45 am.


VO. What type of company is your employer xxxxx?

Me: My emploeyr xxxxx is a software development and consulting services company

VO. Do you work for an end client?

Me: Yes

VO. Who is your end client?

Me: Client Name XXXXX

VO. Do you have letters from your employer and end client and any middle vendors?

Me: Yes I do have Employer letter and Client letter and I don't have any middle vendors

VO. Can I see the letters?

Me: Sure, I gave him both the letters, VO had a quick glance of the letters and gave them back to me and said the magic word your Visa is Approved.


I just got my waybill number from Loomis.


Hope this info will helpfull for others, who are planing to go to Ottawa for their visa stamping.




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