URGENT! COS cancellation


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One of the member replied that my COS from H4 to F1 will cancelled on reentry to US. Does it mean, when I leave the country the visa process will be cancelled, or when I re-enter US, the visa will be cancelled.


Is there a chance that my F1 visa will be approved when I"m in india? if so, should I go for Visa stamping?



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There are different possibilities.


1. COS gets approved or denied while you are abroad. This will be meaningless. You will need to obtain F1 Visa and return in F1 status. You can only arrive maximum 30 days before start of classes (as per I-20) in this case.

2. COS gets approved after you return in H4 status. Your status will then be F1 and you will need to start attending full-time from the first available semester.

3. COS gets denied after you return. You will need to apply for COS again or leave the US and return with an F1 Visa.


Irresepective of the above, whenever you leave the US after being in F1 status, you will need to have valid F1 Visa in order to return.

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