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Now I am on F1 visa  and my wife on F2.

My wife got admission for this fall 2013 and I have applied for my wife COS from f2 to f1 and also got her receipt which is in initial review.


My question is:

I just want to defer my wife admission from fall 2013 to spring semesester  beacuse of her Change of status is still pending may be we will get decesion on aug end but I just want to defer her admission for spring semester.


How about my wife status , Is she can stay on F2 until her spring semester starts by Jan 2014,  if her COS will accept from f2 to f1 by end september (hope so).??????

What is her status   once uscis accepts her status from F2 to F1 within the  gap  time between sep to Jan?



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Once USCIS accepts and approves her COS from F2 to F1, say in September then she is in F1 status from that day. She has to start going to school to be in valid status from then on. If you want her to start school from Spring semester one solution for her is to exit the country once COS status gets approved and enter during spring semester with a F1 visa stamped at US consulate at her home country.

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Thanks for your valuable suggetions jairichi and livliv, this will help me.



my question is:

What is the status  if I will get the decesion from USCIS in september , because I have only chance to defer the admission or going for stamping?

If she gets the favorable decision of COS from F2 to F1 and if she does not join I believe she will be out of status.

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