H1B to L1A options for the 7th year extension.

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I will be completing my 6th year H1B on Sept 4th 2013 and I-94 also expires on Sept 4th 2013, My Company filed for the GC PERM as of Dec 13 2012 and after 5 months got PERM labor audit. They replied by May 22 2013 but still dated my labor audit is pending. Can I get 7th year extension on my H1B? If no, then can I apply for L1A to capture my 7th year extension and then switch back to my H1B once my pending labor and I-140 gets approves? Can you please let me know.

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Hello Setulkumarpatel , 


Any updates on your case ? I am also in the same boat . My PERM is pending and H1b expires in October.  


I am looking for options same as you - What are you planning to do ? 


Was wondering if we have any possibility of staying here on any other VISA status .



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