H1B Stamping exp Matamoros


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My H1B visa interview experience at Matamoros, Mexico.

I'm a full time employee. This is my second stamping(first in India) and I have a approved I-140.

I used MAS services. They are very helpful.

Fingerprinting done on first day. Completed in 15 minutes.
Visa interview on next day:

1. Interview was at 10:00 but we went early and got in by 8:30.
2. First CSC guys check your docs and let you into Interview hall.
3. You will be called for initial interview where you will be asked for basic questions like your name, company name. They will check your I-797 and PIMS and then ask you to wait for your actual interview.
4. Actual interview will be conducted by other staff.
5. Called by Visa Officer. This is how it went with the VO. He was a cool guy greeted him and returned same with pleasent smile.

a. why did you come to Mexico?
b. Which company do you work for?
c. what do they do?
d. How much do you get paid?

e. Are you married?


He was going through something in system while he was talking to me

Then came the golden words. Received passport on the same day at 3:30 and back to US by evening.

P.S: If you are going to Mexico, please make sure that ALL your W2's salary is equal or greater than LCA.
If you have approved I-140, please take a copy.

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Thanks Srini for posting your experience and congratulations.


I am planning to go to Mexico for stamping.  I am in US from 2006.


I worked a  company A till last year and got visa stamping twice in India.


Last year I moved to Company B.


All of my W-2 looks good except for 2008 where the salary is slightly lower( around $58K).


Is it going to be an issue as I am not with the same employer now?

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Congratulations Srini..!!


When was your stamping and what did you say for visiting Mexico and Did you give the salary based on LCA or regular pay check amounts (if there are any variations)


Thanks in advance..Congrats..

Thank you, I just said my sal which is greater than LCA

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Hi Loreto,


Search in google for mexico assistance services you will find it..and it is better is take mexican visa if you don't have a valid stamp as the process of getting mexican visa doesn't take much time like canada visa.

Thanks Adriot. MAS have changed their name I guess.

Yes I got the Mexican visa (took 1 day processing in Dallas).

Appearing for interview in 2 weeks in Matamoros. Fingers crossed :-)

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Hi Loreto,


I am planning to get stamping done at Matamoros last week in August or early September. Haven't booked dates yet. I am based out of Houston. Can you please share your email so that I can contact you for some questions regarding the process. Thanks much.



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The moderator masks the emailids or website links. So you can ask your question in here itself. Will help other readers too.

Hi Loreto, I wanted to know how did you get the mexican visa and for how many days. Can I apply it online or do I get it at the border? Can you please send me details of what all you did for getting stamping at mexico at *************** at geemail. Are you done with your stamping already? Regards, Ana

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