part time H1b on top of current j1 waiver h1b job?


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I have a question in regards to additional part time H1b visa when fulfilling j1 waiver job at an under served area.


I am a hospitalist (Internal Medicine). I work 7 days on 7 days off schedule. I have j1 waiver based H1b visa currently. I fulfill my waiver requirement by working full time for my employer in underserved area.


I was wondering if another employer can apply for a part time H1b for me on top of current j1 waiver h1b visa. ( i would like to work during my off week for few extra shifts outside my current employer if possible)


Also if the another employer can file for part time H1b for me, Does the 2nd employer need to be in an under served area too or not as far as i am doing all my duties for my first employer under J1 waiver?


I would appreciate your response.


Thank you.

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Once you have a H-1B for your J-1 waiver, and assuming it is cap exempt, you can take another job on an additional H-1B. That part-time or additional job DOES NOT HAVE to be in underserved area or for underserved population, and actually can be anything including clinical research, outpatient clinic or as a consultant. THe only requirement is that it has to be approved by your current empoyer for no conflict of interest.

Hope this helps.

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