DUI Conviction, any trouble get in the US.?


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Here is my situation: I was in a car accident due to DUI last year, didn't injury anyone/anything. Only myself-_-. I got a ticket asked me to show up in the court which I did. (I'm not sure it's called "ticket" or not, anyway, it's what I have) I pleased guilty with DUI in the court, and the court disposition are: 3 day driving study program, 1 year probation and 3 years driver license suspension.  I was never booked/jailed and fingerprinted. Now, I finished all requirements (fines, class, probation). Still in the suspended time for my license. 


I'm planning go back home-country this winter which means I need to get new Visa. (visa renewal) So, I don't have to have a face-to-face Visa interview, all I need to do is send all the documents to Immigration office. In the DS-160 form, I will disclose this case. And provide certified copies of the police report and the court disposition. 


I was entering US last winter, because at that time, my Visa is vaild, I didn't have any trouble get in. But for this time, I'm wonder since I mention it in the DS-160, Is this would impact when I re-enter US with a new visa? Am I going to have a Secondary Inspection while entering?  I'm holding a F-1. Any advice for this case? 


I only have 3 weeks to get my Visa renewal,do you think I will have a  background check time since the DUI case, or something like that to get my visa renew? It's only 3-week short time, so I'm worry it would be an issue.


​I really appreciate your help. Thank you 

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It is very much likely that in view of your DUI you may have to attend an Interview for the visa and also the visa may be delayed due to medical reports etc. The best advise I can give you is to discuss your details with an Immigration Lawyer proactively. Do it before you travel. Maybe give the firm of Murthy a call.

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3 years license suspension is a bit harsh.. not sure which state you were in at the time of the accident. If you had gotten yourself a good lawyer, you could have plead to a lesser charge... like DWAI.. which is a traffic offense.. unlike a DUI, which is a misdemeanor..


Neverthless, one DUI conviction will not get you a visa rejection unless under the most extreme circumstances..


Good Luck.. 

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