Struck in Ottawa (221 g) - Accommodation available till 27th July

Sunny D

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Came here for stamping on 15th July 2013 and was given a 221g (White) form. The VO took my I-797, Client Letter, Vendor Letter and Employment Letter, (EVC model). Have not heard back from them yet. Even my client manager has not heard back form them. Am waiting in a hotel..


I have booked the hotel till 27th of July and if anyone is looking for accommodation till then, please let me know.


My email ID is kiran1412 at the rate of gmail dot com.

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If you dont mind, can you please share your experience?

What was the reason you got 221g?





The experience is similar to what the other folks have posted on the forums. Interview was at 10:30 AM and the VO already has your information (from the DS 160 application we fill online). Asked some routine questions like who is your employer, do you work at a different location than your employer, do you have a vendor in between, How big is your company (employer), Then he asked for my End Client Letter, Vendor Letter and my Employment Letter. Also took my I-129, I-797 and returned the passport and a white 221g form and said this could take a couple of weeks.


As of now, no update and even my client has not received any verification email.

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