Labor requirements for EB3/Eb2 porting - need your valuable input

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I have filed my app in EB3 back in 2006 and gor my labor, I-140

approved and alos applied for I485 back in Aug-2007. My PD is OCt,

2006. I have joined a new employer in 2008 and currently doing the

porting process from EB3 to EB2. My current compnay initiated the

labor process throuhg my current company's attorney.

My company came back to me saying that we have hit Road block per

attorney. Attorney says that my employer has to post Salary (per

labor law policy) with the post requirement internally(within company

like intranet, post in HR, etc) and also externally. My company

cannot post salary in the internal communication for position vacancy

as it is sensitive infomation and can have problems with other

employees with in the same position.

My compnay can't help me out on this and I am kind of stuck. Please

suggest me if you have any ideas how to deal with this situation.

Appreciate your what ever info on this at the earliest.

Thanks & Best Regards,


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