Deferred Inspection Unit experience for I94 correction


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I just want to share our experience with deferred inspection unit. It is for H4 visa I94 at POE. My wife's H4 extension was approved until 2016 before her travel out of usa. when she arrived at POE, the officer issued electronically I94 only till sep 2013 which was her previous h4 end date but since my wife did not show her renewed h4, she assumed that officer would know about her extension and even the stamp on passport only has entry date, visa class but no end date. we later saw online her i94 and knew that we have to get it corrected. so we called DIU in our city (POE city is different from the city we live) and explained him the situation. he has asked us to fax the docs (issued i94, h4 renewed copy, POE officer stamp on the passport and explanation letter about the issue). officer called my wife and asked about the issue and she explained and told her they have extended it online till 2016. we did not take any appointments but it might depend on case as we were initially told that they might call us for interview. it took 1 day from our fax day. officer has taken a big class  on why my wife did not show her extended h4 copy at POE, he clearly mentioned that you need to show that. I agree with the officer that it was our mistake. It may to better to confirm the end date on I94 at POE to avoid all these things.


Also, I just want to ask attorney if there is something that i need to do after this whole process like informing USCIS or POE officers etc about the i94 correction. 

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No, I am right. She has her own h4 document (her own EAC #). I know that H4 is dependent on H1 but she has her own H4 document with her name, EAC # and other details. I just checked both the documents again, H1b document case type says I129 and H4 case type says I539 (application to extend...).

H4 copy is the TOTALLY RELEVANT because when i spoke to DIU, they specifically asked me to send her H4 document. I did send her h4 document only and NOT MY H1 document. H1 is also important document and it is better to carry both the documents

Thanks for your advise though...

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I am sure you are wrong because the requested documents are asked by the CBP officer and its upto anyone to decide if they want to believe CBP officer words or your words...CBP officer has approved our case without my H1 document which proves that H4 document is relevant


If the person is already in US and has applied for H4 along with H1B, dependent would also get his/her own document with name, eac # and other details which is relevant for her purpose



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